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International Checks

We have the capabilities to undertake searches in most countries.

We realise that may businesses wish to hire applicants from the UK and overseas and do not believe that any employers should be denied that due to difficulties in working abroad.

Our clients are aware that these checks can differ to UK searches, and few countries have full screening capabilities or even governmental DBS-like systems to provide criminal record searches. We are therefore supported in relevant countries by trusted partners whom we have worked with for over 20 years in some places, and we access records through all available sources; usually Criminal Courts or police records.

Many international searches are completed within two weeks. For information on costs and availability for checks in specific countries, please contact us.

We have observed an increase in international job candidates and hiring across international borders becoming the norm. International background checks enable employers to make more informed hiring decisions.

Advanced Vetting’s screening checks have been expertly developed to span the globe.

We consider ourselves the UK’s most advanced screening agency dealing with a variety of nationalities, and we have therefore developed a department that specialises in international checks.

We are proud to have the capabilities to deliver country specific checks as well as sector specific expertise. Unlike many UK companies, we can perform criminal checks in countries as diverse as Saudi Arabia, Thailand and Zimbabwe and we have completed these checks in over 200 countries.

Reasons For Undertaking Deeper International Screening

We face a variety of international challenges and circumstances and therefore we make it our responsibility to keep up to date with any changes within individual countries.

It is important to understand that there are no databases that allow employers to review information for employees all in one place. International Background screening ensures records are checked in each country where the employee has resided. This is methodically and proficiently processed.

Our service allows our clients to make informed decisions from our global sources, ensuring that the employees’ history is accurate such as the skills, experience, and qualifications.

We believe our service also reduces the risk of bad hire and ensures a consistent, globally compliant approach to our processes.

We can create bespoke packages to meet our clients’ specific needs however the following checks are predominantly what our current clients require globally, and all are available to them:

  • Criminal Convictions Check
  • Education Verifications Check
  • Previous Employer Checks
  • Credit and finance Checks
  • Identity verifications
  • Personal references


Please be confident that Advanced Vetting will deliver an outstanding International Service which we are proud to promote.

Contact us for more information.