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Screening Benefits

All organisations and employers large or small benefit from understanding who they are hiring. A new employee can either be a benefit or detriment to a business. We make it our responsibility to ensure that our clients have all the information needed to ensure that they employ the candidate that will be beneficial to them.

Advanced Vetting’s 5 main reasons why organisations must conduct background screening:

  • High Quality – Background Screening can assist our clients in getting the very best candidates for each position.
  • Honesty – Allows our clients to see the candidates for who they really are.
  • Compliance – Background Screening can promote employers to observe the rules and regulations within their company / industry, avoiding fines and potential penalties .
  • Security & Safety – Advanced Vetting will identify who may be a hazard within the workplace. We can assist in avoiding the risk of legal issues such as negligent hiring.
  • Costs – Methodical and detailed background screening can produce higher quality workers that are suited for the business which will encourage retention, reducing worker turnaround.

We have noticed that most discrepancies occur with qualifications, previous job titles and experience gained. It can be a slight exaggeration on the candidate’s part to secure the job, however once our client instructs us to perform a pre-screening check, these accuracies are what we specialise in. Advanced Vetting meticulously checks all aspects of the candidates’ personal information.

Our Difference - Hire with Confidence

We are a professional screening company that specialise in advanced scrutiny. We are proud to work differently to our database led rivals who will do a good job but we believe, with our personal touch, our clients get the best outcome.

We offer appropriate screening measures that assist in providing cost effective and legally compliant assurances that only the right person is employed, in the right job role, working for our clients.

Advanced Vetting ensures that when clients provide their screening decisions, we use our thorough methods to ensure that any measures adopted will be balanced to the risks and make best use of valuable resources.
Our highly experienced team can save you both time and money by screening all your staff steadily, allowing you to concentrate on your core business activities whilst giving you piece of mind that you are hiring the right staff.

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