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About: High Level Vetting Work

Advanced Vetting has earned an enviable reputation for being professional, diligent, and scrupulous in all aspects of their actions. Advanced Vetting (part of The GI Group) pride ourselves on our personal approach in assuring that all orders are thoroughly checked. We provide a wide range of packages that are being used successfully by clients. However, we are also happy to work closely alongside the client in creating a bespoke service. Our commitment is to provide you with the correct package for your needs.

All the work we undertake is regulated by our own strict Code of Ethics which brings us in line with all relevant laws and regulations including GDPR.

How We Work

Here at Advanced Vetting, we have a scientific approach in ensuring that all checks are performed methodically and reported back promptly to our client. This enables clients to establish unsuitable candidates effortlessly.

The secret of our success can be put down to our determination and our attention to detail. We take our clients business seriously, concentrating on accuracy and prompt turnaround times. Our clients have the ease of making highly educated decisions as a result of the Advanced Vetting experience.

We believe it is essential to perform first-rate employee screening to ensure the hiring of professional and quality personnel with integrity. Pre–employment screening has also been proved in reducing a high turnaround which in time saves costs in rehiring and retraining. Our checks will ensure that the perfect candidate is selected for the role, inspiring job satisfaction, loyalty and retention within an organisation. It is also our experience that the employee screening process is beneficial in reducing negligent hiring.

Many clients have stated that as a result of using our service, they have been able to concentrate on other aspects of their business. As a result of this confidence, we ensure that the screening process is applied with necessary diligence across the board. All checks are performed in accordance with our fair practice philosophy, safeguarding that we follow the clients specification list ensuring that the vetting process does not impede the candidates’ other responsibilities.

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