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Instruct Us

Advanced Vetting works closely with clients to assist them in choosing the best checks for their needs.
Once we have a set specification list from our client, forms are issued either to the applicant by us or the instructing client.

The forms would be an Employee Background Form and a Permission Form.

Once these forms are returned, the screening process can begin.

We carefully handpick an experienced member of our research team to complete the request.

This process can take between 10-15 business days (the exception being Criminal Records Checks).

All instructions are also supported by our highly experienced, friendly and approachable Customer Service team who are always on hand to answer any queries.

It is as simple as that.

Download Forms

Service Sheet: This provides a clear overview of the type of checks that we can offer. Although this includes levels, we are also happy to create bespoke instructions as we have found that the majority of clients do have specific needs.

Company Registration Form: This is for our client to initially fill out enabling us to set up an account.

Permission Form: This is to be filled out by the employee which gives us disclosure to undertake the requested checks.

Employee Background Form: This is to be filled out by the employee ensuring that the screening process can commence as all the information provided will be efficiently checked for their future employment.

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