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Rates and Process

Due to our in-depth processes, we are not considered the most competitive option in pre-screening. However we do not provide basic or limited information and we pride ourselves on providing a personal touch.

We look at each instruction in a unique way even if following a specific specification list. We do not rely on database checks and we will never assume the employee is being honest.
We are a professional, in-depth screening agency with an investigation background and a team of highly experienced research staff.

UK Basic Checks can start from £200 + VAT. Depending on the volume, location and type of checks, the cost can be reduced accordingly.

UK Basic Criminal Record Check is £125 + VAT.

Overseas Criminality Checks do differ and vary in costs, depending on the country. Please Contact Us for more details if you have a certain country where you require costs.

We boast a variety of checks, all over the world, that we have successfully processed and please rest assured that we will always deliver quality.

We invite you to speak with us allowing you to gain a better understanding of our approach.

Compliance and Terms

We are pleased to introduce the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to our business and bring data protection to the top of business priority.

Under the GDPR, we are taking a general obligation to implement technical and organisational measures to show that we have considered and integrated data protection into our processing activities.

We will use the candidate’s information you have given us with their consent, together with any information we have obtained from any third parties for assessing the suitability for the employment or background check concerned. It may be necessary to disclose the information to our agents and other service providers, but rest assured all security safeguards will be implemented to protect and secure all confidential information received.

By returning their signed disclosure, the applicants are consenting to your processing of their personal data. Information will be held on our computer databases and on our paper filing systems for no longer than is necessary and in accordance with GDPR rules.

Our Code of Ethics

To perform all professional duties in accordance with the highest moral principles and never be guilty of conduct which will bring reproach upon the Company or our clients.

To perform all professional duties in accordance with the company Quality Policy.

To respect the privacy of clients and their lawful confidences.

To ensure our services are adequately secure to protect privacy and guard against disclosure of any private information.

To ensure that all employees and other persons paid by the company adheres to this code of Practice and accept responsibility for their actions.

To conduct all checks and investigations within the bounds of legality, morality and professional ethics.

To respect the best interest of our clients by maintaining the highest standards of proficiency. We will report to our clients all the facts ascertained, whether they are advantageous or detrimental and nothing will be withheld from the client by the dictates of law.

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